Circumcision Not Recommended

This subject is about acceptance and typically falls into two categories: appearance and hygiene.

Any young woman (or man) who rejects your son for penile aesthetics might not be someone you want in your family. Your son should not have to live with a surgical scar on his penis for someone else’s possible acceptance. Acceptance for who he is, not what he looks like, is what is important in relationships.1

When he is old enough, explain to your son how to gently retract his foreskin, rinse with clear water, and return it to its normal position as part of his washing routine. Bathing prior to a date is a common American practice. Make sure your son understands that includes penile hygiene.

This information has been reviewed by our panel of experts and other trusted advisors, however, it is not a substitute for professional medical, legal, or spiritual advice.

  1. The Mindful Couple: How Acceptance and Mindfulness Can Lead You to the Love You Want, by Robyn D. Walser and Darrah Westrup
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