Circumcision Not Recommended

All males start out with a nonretractable foreskin. It is NOT a birth defect that needs surgical correction, but a natural growth process that begins in the womb and can extend well past puberty.

A nonretractile foreskin is a rare occurrence for adults, but a valid concern. In the vast majority of cases, learning about the normal development of the foreskin is sufficient reassurance that nothing is wrong.

One percent of intact adult men have a non-retracting foreskin. If the man decides he wants a retractable foreskin, stretching exercises and topical steroid ointment have been shown to be effective in 65–95% of cases, has a low cost, with almost no complications, and are becoming the standard medical treatment. Preputioplasty to widen the opening, well-proven in Europe, is preferential to circumcision, because it provides less trauma and pain, faster recovery, and preservation of the foreskin.

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