Here are some of the comments we’ve received from readers like you about Circumcision Decision-Maker.

THANK YOU for this site! As a woman I never gave circumcision a thought. Therefore I approached this issue with an open mind. My husband, however, did not. Your website helped us both to reach a decision on behalf of our baby son with which we are at total peace.

As soon as we knew we were having a son my wife and I began fighting. I hated being circumcised and vowed that if I had a son I’d leave him alone. Your website showed my wife that I wasn’t being over-reactive. Thank you.

I LOVE this site. It is so informative and accessible.

I am a clinician and I like your website, it has information not found in standard medical references.

I like how this site is very objective. You have no idea what its creator really feels about the issue. Well done.

Perfect. This is exactly what is needed.

Thank you for this simple clear and so available service.

I teach prenatal classes and I think this site is great. Information that helps to educate parents is necessary.

Thank you for your info. I will give my patients this info and let them chose.What a great website!

Thank you for offering this information. Please keep up the great work.

Thanks for the informative, straight-forward website!

Thank you for your support as I try to do the right thing for my son.

I work for WIC as a breastfeeding peer counselor, and I love your website. Thank you so much.

I hope Circumcision Decision-Maker goes viral. It is a GREAT piece of work.

I found that site yesterday and have it listed as a resource to share with my listeners during the show.

HEY! It’s fantastic! I love the Decision-Maker! How rad.

I am an RN who works in a natural birth center. Your site is very informative. Thanks for your website.

Love your site and will be handing out your website info in my childbirth education classes.

I like this new site. Take a tour. It is so worth it.

Thank you for this amazing site. I am a home birth Midwife. I will refer all my clients to this site.

What a great site you’ve created. This should be a helpful tool to address specific objections and questions. I will use it in my classes.