New website helps parents make better circumcision decision.

Circumcision Decision-Maker website, just launched, will help your clients make the difficult circumcision decision, while taking delicate and heated discussions about the issue out of your classroom.

What is different about this circumcision information resource is that it takes the reader through a decision-making process, helping them to identify what their real reason is for considering circumcision—and then gives them expert opinion to use in making their final decision based on that reason.

The content was drawn from a panel of experts, including physicians, psychologists, and men’s health experts, following an extensive research review.

The website has received hundreds of compliments on its novel delivery of circumcision information.

Please download and print our announcement handout for your clients and classes.

Please add a link to Circumcision Decision-Maker from your or your organization’s website.

Circumcision Decision-Maker is a Boy’s Health Advisory project.

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