Parents making circumcision decisionCircumcision Decision-Maker is an online decision-making aid for anyone considering male circumcision. Its focus is first and foremost on what is best for boys themselves, and only secondarily on parents, culture, or religion. Its content has been drawn from and approved by a panel of experts following an extensive review of the literature.

Circumcision is the #1 parenting controvery in the United States,1 and most are performed on infants.2 American parents tend to make their decisions in one of two ways. Some choose circumcision quickly without first researching it or considering its effects on their child. Others agonize and perhaps even argue over it. This decision-maker was designed to assist both groups

Circumcisionm, in the end, is his choiceIts approach is to ask you to make a number of little decisions rather than a single big one. This will help you to identify your real reason for considering circumcision, and then give you expert information on which to base your final decision.

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